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Tiramisu Cake to Oat Meals: Life when I was MIA

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Hello readers! How have you been? Hopefully you are all good and happy! I apologize for being MIA for weeks. Some things in my life needed to be fixed and I'm glad to be here again! YAY!!! I can't wait to share things with you and read your comments...

Two months ago my parents had their 34th anniversary. As long as I know, my parents never celebrate their wedding anniversary. Not even a romantic dinner for two. Uh, they were busy doing their role as parents and though they never complained, I thought last month we should do something for them. Yep, my brother and I bought them a cake, which was a tiramisu cake.

You have no idea how grateful I was to see their response. They were surprised at first and became shy afterwards. The sparks on their eyes... I will never forget. Maybe I am not a superb daughter but the idea of sharing little pretty things with my parents is now on my routine agenda. They deserve it!

About two weeks after the anniversary of my parents I had to stay in a hospital for couple of days. Sigh... Not good. I did need a rest but that wasn't kind of rest I'd like to have. One of the causes was stress. Yep, being stressed ain't good for health! In my case it triggered digestion problems.

The above one was taken in ER. It was early in the morning and luckily I was not alone! Based on my condition, I had to stay in the hospital for couple of days. I got rest and errrr... I know I was sick but I couldn't resist taking photo of one of my lunch. I think it was delicious (for hospital's food) and of course healthy! Hehehe...

Good the hospital thing was done before the event “Adventure Holiday with The Avengers & My Little Pony”. I had to attend its opening together with Anin. They had Capt. America, Thor & Iron Man for photo sessions and some original merchandises from Marvel.

I also started new habit which is eating oat meals. Yes, oat meals for breakfast. My favorite one is oat meals with avocado and banana. They taste delicious! Yum yum... It is not typically Indonesian's breakfast but I am excited about it and looking forward to try some oat meals recipes.

If I am into oat meals nowadays, what about you? What is your favorite breakfast? Are you into oat meals for breakfast as well? I'd love to hear from you.

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